Samsung denies defects in Galaxy S8, the red tint of the screens is natural

- Adrian Ungureanu

Even though it is seen as a flaw, the red tint that some Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus have to their screen, Samsung says that there no defect and it’s something natural that AMOLED display to have differences in color.

During a conference call held after the company released its first-quarter earnings report, the tech giant claimed that it has conducted a thorough inspection of the Galaxy S8 to ensure product quality.

“Due to the nature of Super AMOLED displays, there can be natural differences in color. Users can optimize the color depending on their preferences,” said Samsung.

The issue came to the surface when a few users claimed the flagship device’s display had an unnatural reddish hue. The complaint posted on online portals and communities went viral in Korea.

Samsung said it plans to update the software of the Galaxy S8 to allow users to better optimize display colors to reflect their own preferences.

Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus owners started complaining about this problem since they first get their hands on their new phones. Samsung says its no problem with the quality of their products, yet they say will fix it.

It doesn’t make too much sense to offer a solution to something you don’t consider to be a problem, doesn’t it?