Samsung “confirmed” to partners the in-display fingerprint reader! Qualcomm to be the supplier

- Adrian Ungureanu

Next year, Samsung will launch the 10th generation of its flagship series, the Galaxy S10 series, and the South Korean giant will try to bring something new.

One of these novelties should be the fingerprint sensor integrated into the display, and now it’s rumored that their supplier will be Qualcomm. This is quite interesting news but contradicting earlier rumors which suggested that Samsung is developing its own sensor.

It’s said to be an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor developed by the Korean company, a type of sensor that is supposed to be better, more accurate than the optical solutions used by Vivo and Huawei on their smartphones.

But one thing seems pretty sure. According to South Korean media citing industry sources, Samsung has confirmed to its partners that the new Galaxy S10 will have a fingerprint sensor integrated into the screen.

It remains to be seen if the sensors will be produced by Samsung or supplied by another manufacturer.