Samsung brought its foldable smartphone at CES 2018!!! But they showcased them privately

- Adrian Ungureanu

Very intriguing news are coming from Las Vegas, via South Korea. The local media, who’s citing unnamed industry sources, reports that Samsung has unveiled its foldable smartphones privately to select clients at the CES trade show in Las Vegas.

During the private meeting, the Korean tech giant also shared the launch schedule, including production from the end of this year.

“Samsung Display said it has developed a 7.3-inch foldable panel with plans to start production later this year,” an industry source said on condition of anonymity.

Sources said Samsung unveiled both infolding and outfolding phones during the meeting. The infolding type has a more drastic curvature rate compared to the outfolding type. But due to the durability issue, the outfolding type is considered a more advanced next-generation technology.

Samsung is expected to adopt the infolding type first with aims to start production from as early as November.

During this week’s CES, not just Samsung and but also other handset makers are believed to have unveiled their own versions of foldable phones to gauge the market reaction.