Samsung Blue Earth


The eco-friendly concept starts to gain field in telecom.The Samsung Blue Earth is a solar powered, eco-friendly phone that promotes green thinking. It’s made of recycled water bottles, has an ultra low standby power DC charger and comes in a reusable box made of recycled paper. The first solar-powered touchscreen has a special “eco mode” to use the display in an energy efficient manner. The accelerometer-based step counter has a new spin to it too. It calculates how much CO2 would have been released if you drove instead of walked.
Another feature is the Eco Day list in the calendar, which gives you all the environment-related dates celebrated around the world. Without the Samsung Blue Earth we’d still be ignorant enough not to know what day is today. OK, not in that sense, but we honestly had no idea that September 16th is the World Ozone Day. So get ready for Blue Earth!