Samsung are working on Full HD tablets


According to SamMobile’s sources Samsung are happy with the feedback on Galaxy S4’s Full HD AMOLED display so far and are looking to utilise the technology in a series of tablets that will compete with Sony and Apple’s ever so strong competition. Sammy have already prototyped devices with a range of display diagonals, but they are aiming as high as 10 and 11-inch panels. That would probably be a breeze for Samsung as they managed to produce an uber-dense 2592×1936 display as early as last year with the Nexus 10.

Hardware-wise, there isn’t much room for speculation, as Samsung’s mobile hardware uses either their Exynos chips or Qualcomm’s mobile CPU’s.

Looking at how Samsung transposed the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2’s hardware and design language across their entire range of mobile offerings last year (even featurephones), we expect them to do the very same with the Galaxy S4 and their upcoming devices.

Source: SamMobile