Samsung announces that the foldable screen smartphone will not be launching this year

- Adrian Ungureanu

Well, 2018 it might be disappointing for Samsung’s fans that were expected the Korean tech giant to launch the first smartphone with a foldable display, because DJ Koh revealed that at CES 2018.

The mobile business boss at Samsung did previously announced last year,back in September, that Samsung is going to launch a smartphone with foldable display in 2018, but he said that that’s not going to happen anymore, and that it’ll arrive in 2019.

Koh said that there are problems with the development of the UX, which is the biggest obstacle for Samsung is facing in commercialization, but he said the company is working aggressively to overcome the problem.

Meanwhile, South Korean media reports suggest that Samsung will start the development of foldable screen in March and in September the new panels should go in production. So the new smartphone will arrive in 2019.

About the display, it is said to be made of flexible OLED panels and will have 7.3 inches, thus matching the size of a tablet, but while folded it’ll have the size of a regular smartphone.