Samsung already faces a supply shortage of Galaxy S8 smartphones

- Adrian Ungureanu

It seems that Samsung is the victim of its own success. The new flagships are in high demand. So high that not even the most optimistic people inside the company foreseen this.

The company counted over 1 million pre-orders in South Korea only, in just 10 days. Now the smartphones are going out to their owners. And it seems that Samsung already face a supply shortage. The company was warned that such thing might happen, but not because of high demand, but because of production difficulties.

In the first day of deliveries more than 210,900 units have arrive to the customers, but the number fell to just 63,400 on the second day. There are production problems, but Samsung underestimated the potential of one of the Galaxy S8 variants. Reports citing Korean carriers are suggesting that it’s the Galaxy S8+ variant with 6GB RAM and 128GB storage which is facing supply shortages.

It is rather surprising to see this model in such high demand as it is the most expensive Galaxy S8 variant on the market, priced at over $1.000. And this is not a good thing. It might give smartphone makers some bad ideas.