Russian Pokemon GO player sentenced for playing in a curch

- Adrian Ungureanu

Last summer, when Pokemon GO was on the rise and just arrived in Russia, a 22-year old player went to catch Pokemons in a local church from Yekaterinburg.

He went to play there and filmed himself playing the game just to prove that there’s no risk of getting caught and said that the risk of being arrested is “complete nonsense”.

Well, he was arrested and after he posted the video himself. (How can you be so dumb!) and after a few “visits” into the courtroom he found that that was a very stupid idea.

He received a three-and-a-half year suspended sentence after he posted the video of with him playing Pokemon GO in the wrong place and disregarding the warnings issued by the Russian authorities, when the game was launched.

Now he has to be aware of what he does, cause its only playing ground could become the jail yard.