Rumor: Samsung might launch a Galaxy S8 mini

- Adrian Ungureanu

Samsung hasn’t a “mini” variant of its flagship series since 2014, Galaxy S5 mini, been the last of the “minis” from the Korean smartphone maker.

Yet, new rumors suggests that Samsung might launch a “mini” variant for the current Galaxy S8 series. That would be a surprise, since Samsung gave up on this strategy two years ago. This might prove to be just a rumor and no more.

Still, the source says that Galaxy S8 mini will sport an Infinity 5.3-inch screen with extra wide aspect ratio (18.5:9), Snapdragon 821 chipset, 4GB of RAM and 32GB storage. It would also feature an iris reader.

It wouldn’t be something bad for Samsung to try the “mini” strategy again, but I don’t see what would be the reason to go back to something it gave up two years ago.