Rumor: iPhone 8 to feature dual selfie camera

- Adrian Ungureanu

We’ve focused a lot on the display, the fingerprint sensor or the rear camera of Apple’s anniversary smartphone, but it seems that iPhone 8 might bring another interesting feature.

Latest rumors say that iPhone 8 might bring a dual camera at the front, too. Not only at the back. The rumors are spread by designer Benjamin Veskin, based on some alleged iPhone 8 schematics.

It wouldn’t be a premiere to the smartphone market, as there already are some smartphones with dual camera at the front, as Oppo F3 and Oppo F3 Plus are. But it would be a first for Apple.

As we said, this is just a rumor so we need to take this with a grain of salt. Apple is known by its reluctance of following the trends set by other competitors. Remember how long it took for Apple to brake the 5-inch barrier for the display.