Romtelecom bundles bring you a 3G Samsung tablet with COSMOTE data traffic


This winter, the magic is getting double: Romtelecom brings to its customers a 3G Samsung tablet with COSMOTE data traffic together with television, internet and telephony, but also quality content for an integrated multimedia experience. Available at national level, within the available stock, the offer targets the company’s new customers who buy a a three services bundle with Power internet.


The bundles’ price start from 118 RON/month (VAT included) and includes TV channels for the entire family, internet with speeds up to 100 Mbps, telephony with unlimited minutes off-peak to all national fixed networks and COSMOTE , and also a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 tablet with 3G. The bundle’s price includes also the cost of the tablet’s monthly instalment. Customers will benefit of a wireless router and DECT phone offered in rent with 100% discount during the entire period of the contract. The bundles are offered for a minimum 2 years contract period.


As part of the promotional offer, in the first 2 months, the COSMOTE UNLIMITED NET SIM card has a 100% discount, with 3 GB data traffic included/month. The download speed for data traffic is up to 43.2 Mbps and the upload up to 5.76 Mbps for the first 3GB/month. After that, the monthly automatic recharge price of the UNLIMITED NET SIM card is 17 lei, VAT included. Customers can deactivate the card anytime, calling at 0800801188, free of charge.


“The synergy between Romtelecom – COSMOTE services comes to support the customers in order to provide this great experience on all screens, especially now, when we want to double the Holidays’ magic. Therefore, besides the access to quality content, via a multi-screen experience, with the Samsung tablet included in the offer, we also bring a movie for children. And for increased mobility, we provide, as a first in such a bundle, COSMOTE data SIM card at affordable prices. Our Christmas gift is a versatile package – which includes both fixed and mobile, at the same time” stated Mathias Hanel, Chief Commercial Officer, Residential Segment Romania.


Along with the Samsung tablet customers will have access to movie “Planes”- an animated comedy that has Dusty as protagonist, a plane which wishes to participate in a great heights race flight, although it is afraid of altitudes. The movie will be available between January 1st to March 31st, 2014 on the website and on the purchased tablet, through the Dolce Mobile TV application, only with Wi-Fi internet connection.


The bundles can be bought online, on, by calling 1930 or in the company’s shops.