RoboHon is the robot-smartphone that can make the morning alarm more pleasant [video]


RoboHon is a mini robot-smartphone that, besides the usual features that a phone has, it is equipped with a projector, with legs and arms that make it function like a robot.


Its 360 grams weight and its 20cm height bring it a lot more attention than a normal-sized smartphone does, but make it agreeable and cute enough not to bother anyone. RoboHon comes with WiFi and LTE connection, with a 320×240 display places on the back, with facial and vocal recognition cameras incorporated and pretty much with everything that you should expect from a usual smartphone. The difference is that this smartphone-robot can walk while communicating your notifications, or while waking you up in the morning.


RoboHon will be released in Japan, sometime in the middle of 2016.


Source: engadget