Rihanna with a challenging vision for Dior


Back in March, the French brand DIOR has released intriguing information that the new entity will be Rihanna. Most – Finally, this promise has become a reality. All this waiting is definitely worth it. Starting in the new campaign Secret Garden, Rihanna moved all because this is her first participation in high fashion, and because she was the first black woman to which brand to trust. Well, the young star again found a way to break barriers.

Photographed by Steven Klein, that campaigns and shows the singer posing in dresses and accessories from the collection of Dior Espirit. The location is in the Palace of Versailles, and Rihanna looks extremely challenging, and the darkness adds further mystery in each picture. One of the most – obscene and indecent images of the singer topless, strategically located in furs and handbags. Star again showed talent and artistry. (Video)