Results from market research to ComScore – Android or IOS at the top?


Marketing research provider ComScore showed new results on the smartphone market with the US, which revealed a slight decrease of the market share of Android devices and a corresponding increase in the share of IOS.

Android is back on top in the country with a 51.6 percent market share, which is slightly down compared to the results from 52.4% in March. On the other hand, IOS is one step ahead with 42.6 percent from 44.1 percent. Windows Phone, BlackBerry and Symbian followers are in the top 5.


For manufacturers of smartphones, Apple is still on top with a 44.1 percent market share, while Samsung ranked second with 28.1 percent. Followers finish top 5 rankings are LG, Motorola and HTC (8.3%, 4.9% and 3.4%).