REMOVE P1 GOPRO LIVE VIEW or how to capture with ease and most – extreme moments


2015 was a very significant year for GoPro and more people rely on the company by sharing the unique images with your friends and the rest of the world.


Now get to know REMOVU P1 – Wi-Fi device that shows the capabilities of GoPro directly to the wrist of users and also serves as a wireless remote camera.


The new innovative offer allows you to use your wireless GoPro LCD camera so as to control all functions remotely, which means that you will not have to stop to take unique shots.


 The device is attached to the wrist and gives viewers exactly what is visible from their GoPro camera and users can view newly created “scenes” directly by hand. REMOVU P1 is waterproof (to a depth of 1.30 meters / 30 meters), shockproof, and The function Wi-Fi Live View makes it the first of its kind in the world, allowing you to capture any extreme footage while having fun. If you have more than one GoPro camera, you can connect simultaneously to all, and of course to manage them remotely.


A single charge will provide about 3 hours of continuous work, all the fun is priced at 79 dollars. (Video)