Remix Mini is the first Android PC in the world


Recently, we saw tons of hybrid tablet that really hard to use as a laptop. We agree with this trend, especially since Android OS has such great potential for personalization. What if you really get a true laptop with Android? This is the idea of ​​Remix Mini.


Remix Mini is a small device, which is considered as the world’s “first true Android PC”. This wonderful innovation work with Remix OS, allowing users to work and play any game and any Android application using the functions of the computer, multiple windows, mouse and keyboard.


The power button is not hidden on the back of the device as a typical desktop computer, but instead, users touch the top of the Mini within seconds to start the game. The device works with the latest model 64 – bit chipset and supports Ethernet, WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0 and USB.

Of course, it’s a lot – a small device that uses only 10 watts, which is significantly less – than a desktop computer (using between 60-240). Remix Mini is currently available in Kickstarter with an initial price of $ 40 (with 2GB RAM and 16GB internal memory).