‘RadarMe powered by COSMOTE’, the app that lets you chat and know where your friends are


On-line instant messaging is one of the easiest and fastest ways to stay in touch with your friends. This is why COSMOTE Romania is powering one of the most in hand applications allowing users to view their friends’ location, while chatting.

RadarMe is a location based freemium application with chat, groups’ management and other features that allow the user to easily interact with friends and other users of the application. ‘RadarMe powered by COSMOTE’ is available for Romanian users in Google Play starting today, with a special offer for COSMOTE’s customers.

COSMOTE customers who already have an active Connect Mobile extra option (prepaid or postpaid) can benefit, as a promotion, from three ‘RadarMe powered by COSMOTE’ app enhancements as a bonus, with no other charge.

COSMOTE users who download, register and start using ‘RadarMe powered by COSMOTE’ will get one free of charge group for life, so that gathering the friends or family and communicating with them become even easier. The application includes 6 enhancements – private chat, maps, chat to group, group, extra-group and enhancement pack. COSMOTE customers who already have an active Connect Mobile extra option (prepaid or postpaid) from the EOs launched on November 25th, or who get one on the spot can now benefit from a special offer: the following 3 enhancements are free as long as Connect Mobile extra option is active: private chat, map view and chat to group.

“Nowadays, applications represent one of the main needs of the smartphone users, starting with chatting, games, news, photography or music, up to a wide range that satisfies basic or complex needs. The mobile applications used by a person now define a way of lifestyle and the interests of that person”, stated Panos Makris, Chief Commercial Officer COSMOTE Romania.

Social networking is even easier now, with this new in the market freemium app brought to you by COSMOTE. The app design includes a real-time location of all active users, on both a radar-based screen and map. For a precise location of the app’s users, GPS is to be activated. Groups can be created or joined, while pairing even with users around is fun.

Moreover, all Romanian users of RadarMe powered by COSMOTE will find COSMOTE and Germanos stores easier, as they are present on the map.

If not for free in connection to Connect Mobile, ‘RadarMe powered by COSMOTE’ is available for COSMOTE users for 0.60 euro per month (VAT excluded).

The app is available for users having devices with Android OS 2.2 or higher.