Qualcomm wants the iPhone X banned in the US for misusing Palm OS interface patents

- Adrian Ungureanu

Well, that a weird triangle, but the fact is the Qualcomm bought some patents from HP, back in 2014, and it seems that some interface patents have ended up Qualcomm’s portfolio.

Now, the chipmaker claims that Apple is misusing certain patents which were developed in the Palm OS. It seems that it may have to do with the gestures and bellow you have a short video of a Palm Pre, and there are some similarities, but I don’t know if there’s a case of patent infringement. Anyway, Qualcomm claims it is and it wants the iPhone X.

Qualcomm got the patents back in 2014 from HP, who got the webOS from Palm. The funny thing is that neither HP or Qualcomm own the webOS, which is currently owned and further developed by LG Electronics.

It’s not the first time Qualcomm wants to ban Apple’s smartphones in the US. They also, filled for a production and sales ban in China also.

It begins to look like Qualcomm are disperate, as they lose millions everyday, as Apple and is partners refuse to pay any royalties that Qualcomm demands, as they are excessive and abusive.

The war between Apple and Qualcomm is far from being over. It still looks like it’s just beginning.