Qualcomm seeks to block Apple production and sales of iPhones in China

- Adrian Ungureanu

The war between Apple and Qualcomm is taking new proportions. The chipmaker sued Apple in China seeking to block the production and sales of iPhones in China, claiming that the Cupertino-based company for patent infringement.

The story gets old and Qualcomm’s effort seems more like a distraction, it sounds more like an image blow to Apple, but the chances are very slim for Qualcomm to succeed. Why? Qualcomm has a bad record in China. They’ve been fined with $975 million by Chinese authorities for abusing its dominant position and antitrust practices.

Besides, Qualcomm has legal problems in South Korea were they got fined with about $910 million for the same reasons and in Taiwan were, very recently, were fined with around $773 million and, again, the reasons are the same.

So, it’ll be really hard for Qualcomm to convince anybody that they are fighting for the right cause. Qualcomm filed for an import ban of iPhones in the US as well, but no verdict has been delivered until now. Qualcomm, also, lost an important round in their legal dispute with Apple, as an US court ruled against Qualcomm.

It’s hard to believe that anything good will come out of Qualcomm’s effort and I think it would be wise to start settling this disputes outside court, because there’s going to be a long and painful road for the San Diego-based company. When you have such bad record in so many countries over the past few years, is hard for anybody to think that Qualcomm has any honest intentions.