Qualcomm presented its in-screen fingerprint scanners at MWC Shanghai 2017

- Adrian Ungureanu

We’ve talked a lot about in-screen fingerprint sensor this year, speculating on who is going to be the first company to launch a smartphone with this kind of sensor.

We’ve talked about Apple, Samsung and Vivo being involved in developing this hew technology but now Qualcomm is in two. Vivo posted a teaser last week teasing their presence at MWC Shanghai 2017 with an image that made a clear suggestion that were going to find something about in-screen fingerprint sensors.

We hoped it will be the world first smartphone with this type of sensor, but Vivo is just a partner for Qualcomm and helps the American company develop their own technology, which should arrive on smartphone in Q1 2018.

Qualcomm says their sensor will use ultrasounds and will be able to scan even through aluminium plates up to 650 µm in thickness. Also, the new scanner will be able to measure the heart rate and the blood flow.

The chipset maker says this month the first samples should arrive to other hardware manufacturers, that means until the end of this week.

Until Vivo will launch its own smartphone with this new sensors on board, Apple remains the main candidate to launch the world first smartphone with an in-screen fingerprint sensor, which is expected the much anticipated iPhone 8.

Samsung seems to be out of the picture for 2017, as the company has decided not to install its own technology on Galaxy Note 8 due to some technical limitations, mainly because the area were the sensor is place is slightly brighter than the rest of the display.