Qualcomm expected to reject Broadcom’s record offer of $130 billion

- Adrian Ungureanu

Last week we we’re surprises to see a Broadcom press release confirming to rumors that it wants to take over Qualcomm, in what is expected to become the biggest takeover in history.

They said that they are willing to pay 130 billion dollars to acquire Qualcomm. Of course, the offer wasn’t received with open arms by the board of directors at Qualcomm who advised the shareholders to reject it.

The latest rumors suggest that Qualcomm will come up soon and will reject the offer saying that it’s insufficient. This is the highest bid ever for a take over in history, but Qualcomm’s board of directors just aren’t happy with the offer from a rival.

Still, it seems that Broadcom is preparing to take new measures if its offer will be rejected. The main option is to make the Qualcomm stockholders to vote if the offer is to be or not rejected. It also said that Broadcom is also prepared to raise the bid, but this seems to be the second option.

Well, it remains to be seen as no official word from Qualcomm has been said yet.

Note – The source of this latest news, Reuters, notes that the offer is at 103 billion dollars, but Broadcom’s press release from last week noted clearly that the offer is at 130 million dollars.