Qualcomm and Samsung started working on Snapdragon 845 chipsets

- Adrian Ungureanu

Samsung might get priority for next year’s Qualcomm’s flagships processors, too, as it got this year for the Snapdragon 835. The two tech companies have already started working on developing the Snapdragon 845 chipsets, that will most likely equip the Galaxy S9 smartphone in 2018.

The Snapdragon 835 chipset is produced at Samsung’s manufacturing facilities equipped with the 10-nanometer chip manufacturing technology. The chip boasts 27 percent faster processing speed and 30 percent more energy efficient compared to a chip based on the preceding 14-nanometer technology.

“The capabilities of a mobile processor can decide the overall performance of smartphones which now have a range of features such as video calls, video recording, VR, and AR,” an industry source said, cited by The Investor. “The competition to secure advanced mobile chips will intensify down the road.” The Korean tech giant declined to comment on the matter.

Samsung, the world’s largest memory chipmaker, has recently unveiled a new chip using the second-generation 10-nanometer technology that improves processing speed by 10 percent and consumes 15 percent less energy than the first-generation chip.

So, Qualcomm might give priority for Samsung again as the new Snapdragon 845 will most likely will equip year’s flagships, the Galaxy S9.