PS4 design prematurely revealed in leaked teaser vid?


An alleged Sony teaser video for E3 2013 leaked on YouTube last night, showing what could be the first glimpse of the new Playstation 4‘s design. Sony has already denied the authenticity of the video, but made that move without pressing the “we don’t comment rumors and speculations” button like they usually do.

Some watchful observers over at NeoGAF and Reddit spotted inconsistencies in the logos that appear on the machine’s body, justifying the possibility that the whole video is faked. The Compact Disc logo has no place on the PS4, because the console doesn’t support the good old CD-ROM format. Dolby’s logo is older than the one they have been using since 2008, and there is no Dolby True-HD logo which is quite out of order for a next-gen console.

The video itself is not exactly our cup of tea, but it’s worth a look at. There are only two options: it could be a very well produced fake, or the real deal.

Source: NeoGAF