Profiteers try to sell iPhone X at huge prices – it can go up to $3,000

- Adrian Ungureanu

iPhone X has a recommended price tag of $999, for the 64GB storage version, and pre-orders just started in many countries al over the world. Some of them got their pre-orders confirmed an try to speculate on Apple’s crazy fans.

Profiteers have already listed their iPhone X as over-to-top prices. We do have some that are more decent. A guy offers it at $1,199, which is not a big deal, because outside the US, in Europe for example, the 64GB iPhone X is priced in some countries at about $1,300.

But there’s one guy in Boston, who tries to sell to anyone in the world, for $2,995. More than three times that Apple sell the iPhone X in the US. Also, there’s another British guy that sells it iPhone X, for £1,999, which is around $2,632.

Unfortunately, I believe that there are people that have that kind of money and are crazy enough to pay that amount to be among the first people in the world to get an iPhone X.

Still, if you are ready to pay more money to get you phone from a speculator, from a profiteer, please check if they are not scammers, because I don’t think you want to be left without the money and get no phone in return, OK?