Proactive monitoring for MetroNET, the Internet service with guaranteed bandwidth for companies from Telekom

  • MetroNET benefits from proactive monitoring feature for uninterrupted service uptime and faster restoration period in case of faults.   


Starting October, Telekom Romania provides, without any additional taxes, proactive monitoring feature for MetroNET, the premium Internet service for business customers, which provides guaranteed bandwidth of up to 1 Gbps.


This new feature consists of permanent monitoring of the MetroNET connection status by a dedicated maintenance team from Telekom’s Network Operating Center (NOC), ensuring an increased swiftness in identifying the problems and the restoration of the data service, even before the problem is to be reported by the customer to the operator. The NOC maintenance team, which tracks the connection parameters of MetroNET, will react proactively, whenever will notice a situation that can affect the normal supply of the service, minimizing the restoration time for the connection and even preventing the appearance of deficiencies in providing the service.This facility will significantly decrease the restoration time of the service, especially in case of accidents occurring at the client’s headquarters, such as a damage of the communications network inside the building or a power shut down.


Also, MetroNET is the only service with guaranteed bandwidth on the local market that includes a free back-up connection, provided through an independent physical infrastructure. If the main connection is interrupted, the other connection takes over the data streaming automatically, thus ensuring the continuity of the customers operations and a minimum impact in their activity, even in the context of potential malfunctions. These aspects enable Telekom to provide a Service Level Agreement for MetroNET of up to 99.9%.


In the digital era, for most companies, a secured, stable and permanent up and running within the normal parameters Internet connection becomes vital for everyday activities and the development of each business. By  implementing the proactive monitoring feature, complementary to the back-up infrastructure, we created a benchmark product for the Romanian market in terms of stability and availability of the service, accessible to all companies for which the digitalization is a priority”, stated Razvan Ionescu, Marketing Director, business segment, Telekom Romania.


The MetroNET service addresses all large companies and SMEs of all business segments that have a significantly data traffic and, therefore, need guaranteed bandwidth Internet connections of up to 1 Gbps on optical fibre.