Prizes of almost 1 million euros, with the new promotional campaign from COSMOTE Romania


In the verge of summer, COSMOTE Romania launches a new promotional campaign, which amounts total prizes up 982.000 euro and so make the holidays of its customers richer. The campaign will be carried on from August 6th until December 1st 2013, inclusively and aims to promote ‘Group Options’, the feature of ‘RadarMe powered by Cosmote’ socialization mobile application (which can now be purchased just by sending an SMS) thus encouraging customers to communicate more and be part of groups of friends.

All that users have to do in order to get enrolled into ‘You can get a bit richer every day!’ promotional campaign is to purchase at least one ‘Group Option’ enhancement for ‘RadarMe powered by Cosmote’ application by sending a SMS to the short number 278. Each SMS sent brings to the customer the right to create a new Group to be used in ‘RadarMe powered by Cosmote’ application, plus chances to the draws for monthly “13 is your lucky day” prize and final Big Prize. Each SMS sent in a day also enrolls the user to the Daily Prize draw. Moreover, users having ‘RadarMe’ option will double their chances for the monthly and final draws.

During the promotional campaign, four types of awards are available for the participants, all in cash, while the total value of the promotion’s prizes can reach up to 982.000 euro.

A Daily Prize consist of up to 5,000 euro (from Tuesday to Sunday inclusively). For the Daily Prize lucky draw will be considered the users who sent at least one SMS to 278 in the respective day. Each user has one chance in the Daily prize draw. The more ‘Group Options’ enhancements purchased by SMS to 278, the bigger the prize for the user who won. The value of the daily prize starts from 500 euro (if the user who won has sent only 1 SMS) and can reach 5,000 euro (if the user who won has sent 10 SMSs that day). Only 10 SMSes/day will be considered for the Daily Prizes, while the others over 10 will bring multiplied chances for the other draws (Monthly draw and Big Prize draw).

During “You can get a bit richer every day!” promotional campaign, COSMOTE transforms Mondays into the favourite day of the week for COSMOTE customers purchasing the ‘Group Options’ enhancement to be used in ‘RadarMe powered by Cosmote’ app, as on Mondays the maximum prize is 4 times bigger than the regular daily maximum prize. Thus, the Monday prize can reach up to 20.000 euro and the value of the prize starts from 500 euro, depending on the number of SMSes sent (up to 40/day taken in consideration for the Monday prize).

Moreover: during the promotional period, at COSMOTE even 13 becomes a lucky day! During the promotional period, anyone who purchased the ‘Group Options’ enhancement (by SMS at 278) by the 12th of August, respectively September, October, or November, will be eligible to win, on the 13th of that month a 13.000 euro award. All the chances accumulated between the 13th of the previous month and the 12th of the current month are taken into consideration. The more SMSes are sent, the more chances to win!

Last, but not least, each ‘Group Option’ enhancement to be used in ‘RadarMe powered by Cosmote’ purchased within the promotional period gives the customers more chances to win the Big Prize 100.000 euro after 118 days of promotional campaign! The bigger the number of points received for sending SMSes to 278, the bigger the chances to win.

The complete mechanism of winning chances for the ‘Daily’ prizes, ‘Monday’ prizes, monthly ‘13 is the lucky day’ prizes and final ‘Big Prize’ award is available on the company’s website. The users can join the “You can get a bit richer every day!” promotion at any time within the 118 days of promotion, by purchasing a Group through sending an SMS at 278.

The value of an SMS for purchasing the ‘Group Option’ enhancement is 0.99 euro (VAT included) for subscribers, respectively 0,80 euro credit for prepaid customers (VAT being paid at the purchase of the SIM or of the recharge value). No additional fees for being part of it!

‘RadarMe powered by Cosmote’ is a location based freemium application with radar, maps, chat, groups’ management and other features that allow the users to easily interact with friends and other users of the application. ‘RadarMe powered by COSMOTE’ is available for Romanian users in Google Play. The application includes 6 enhancements – private chat, maps, chat to group, group, extra-group and enhancement pack. With the new promotion, COSMOTE customers who purchase the ‘Group’ enhancement by sending an SMS to 278 get enrolled in “You can get a bit richer every day!” promotion.

The monthly ‘RadarMe’ option can be activated by sending a SMS at 277 with the text “A RADARME” (0.74 euro, VAT included, for subscribers, respectively 0.60 euro credit for prepaid customers – VAT being paid at the purchase of the SIM or of the recharge value). The customers who activated a Connect Mobile extra-option can benefit from ‘RadarMe’ option as a bonus, for the period the Connect Mobile extra-option is valid.

The complete regulation and details of the contest are available here.