Possible unveiling date of iPhone 7s, 7s Plus and iPhone 8 leaked out

- Adrian Ungureanu

Benjamin Geskin has become a more and more active leakster in the past few months bringing us more and more stuff about Apple’s new smartphones. Now he claims he has information about the dates when the new iPhones will be unveiled and released on the market.

Geskin says that Apple will present the new iPhone 7s, 7s Plus and the anniversary iPhone on September 17 and they will go on sale on September 25. Of course, there’s no official confirmation what so ever, so we should take this with a drop of salt.

But Geskin might not be too far from the truth. In the past few years, Apple unveiled its smartphones in the first half of September, but if we believe the rumors that this year the unveiling could be pushed back, because of some production issues, a release in the second half of that month makes sense.