‘Plants vs Zombies’ game to become a main theme park attraction [video]


If you already have forgotten the game Plants vs. Zombies, mainly because at a certain point in the game it starts to ask for you money and so you prefer to play other free stuff, now the game will have its own theme in an amusement park from North Carolina, Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare.


The amusement park will open next year and it will bring a sort of digital attraction and fun, meaning you will be able to reprogram the whole experience based on the game’s generation or levels. Probably the most important thing is that you will receive photos of your experience in this park, without having to worry that you give up fun for photos.


For those who have not try the Plants vs. Zombies game, it is maybe the one to convince you that fruits and vegetables are actually the good guys and that they can save the world. Or at least can stop some evil zombies from ruining your garden. Apparently, zombies like vegetables too.

Source: engadget