Pilatus Aircraft sent its new PC-24 first flight


Pilatus Aircraft sent its new PC-24 first flight, which was completely successful. Swiss company called this company plane “super flexible” because given the option to deal with the difficult landing strips, bundled with an average size turboprop engine.


The first flight of this airplane Airport Buochs ​​in Switzerland, under the watchful eye of almost 1,800 personnel from Pilatus, and as a result, we have 55 minutes in the air at approximately 10,000 feet. Return of runway 07 garnered applause from his audience, excited to learn that their work is crowned with success.


“This is certainly an emotional moment, which is very important for the Swiss aviation history,” said Oscar J. Schwenk, Chairman of the Board of Directors. “To see our new business jet to make its first flight is something that we are working very hard and dream for a long time for this. Most – Swiss finally today this dream has become a reality!”


The company plans to make a total of three PC – 24 prototype, which will go through an intensive testing program over the next two years. Although this aircraft is not scheduled for production until 2017, Pilatus has sold 84 of them at last year’s European Business Conference and Exhibition of Aviation.