Pegatron to manufacture “low-cost” iPhone


Pegatron is one of Apple’s main suppliers in China. The company announced that it aims to hire an additional 40 000 employees to ensure to manufacturing of the yet unanounnced “low-cost” iPhone. This more accessible version of Apple’s flagship only existed in analytical reports which described it as slated for this year’s end and aimed at the developing markets in China and India. It was said that small-scale manufacturing has already begun and will ramp up in June. The expected price is around $300-$400 dollars.

This low-cost model will see some features such as 4G/LTE internet, high-spec camera sensor and, reportedly – iOS 7, removed.

Pegatron expect their partnership with Apple to make up 60% of their 2013 revenue. The other 40% will include devices with Intel’s latest Haswell series of chips which are already in manufacturing as well.

Source: ELectronista