Announced price OnePlus Two

In recent weeks, we received a lot of information and details about One Plus Two. From them we learned that the device will come with a very stylish design and great specifications, but remained only a very important question that we found the answer: The price!

A new proposal by Xiaomi comes with two rear cameras

A photo that showed us how it will look new smartphone Xiaomi appeared online, revealing that we will enjoy the two rear cameras.

12 hours of sports and a charitable cross at the “Biggest Sports Hour” in...

On Saturday, July 11th, 2015, will take place the “Biggest Sports Hour”, an event organized by Telekom Romania, in partnership with SmartAtletic and Getfit. During the event, which starts at 9am, all the participants will have free access to various sports activities and classes for 12 hours in Piata Sfatului in Brasov.

Sony presented a solution to overheating in Z3 + / Z4

Sony last month dealt a lot of criticism because of problems with Snapdragon 810. Most - new device company - Xperia Z3 + / Xperia Z4 were immediately condemned by consumers and it came time to announce how the company is trying to deal with this serious deficiency. Qualcomm still has not done anything to get out of an uncomfortable situation, but Sony presented 28.0.A.7.24 update to fix the deficit.

Official package specifications Huawei Honor 7

The network appeared photos of Huawei Honor 7, which reveal all the details about the device. Here we find all about design and hardware. Notice the thin battery that will take care of standby mode of the device.

One Plus Two comes with stylish design on 28 July

Until now most of the specifications of One Plus Two are known to us, thanks to the company sources, until now still had no idea what we prepared design manufacturers. What we know so far is that the company wants to get rid of the plastic body, replace it with metal. At - Earlier today, we came across a photo in Weibo, which shows us how it looks One Plus.

Pictures of iPhone 6s blew Network

Thanks to 9to5Mac leaked to the network alleged photographs that demonstrate a full metal body of iPhone 6s. From the information we received these pictures come from the source of Apple.

K10000 comes with a sleek design and 10 000 mAh battery

Battery life is the most - important aspect in any modern smartphone manufacturers are trying to do everything possible to add as many hours in the small and compact batteries.

Get ready for One Plus Two

We go back in May when we shared that One A2001 will be a copy of One Plus Two. Soon after it opened three new models (A2001, A2003 and A2005) website Bluetooth SIG, and the second model A2003 and hit GeekBench, which revealed some of the details about the device.

Telekom’s employees cycled on their way to the office as part of the European...

Telekom joined the European project Bike2Work which had as main goal encouraging its staff to use bicycles as means of transportation to and from the office, as well as increasing their responsibility towards the environment.

UMi Iron officially comes with face recognition technology for eyes

A few days ago we reported that UMI Iron comes with Hypertech that is - better than Fingerprint ID. Now the company has officially confirmed that fact, we are talking about recognition of the eyes. It's not as a big surprise because we expected to have no chance of hacking.

Deutsche Telekom’s “We connect people in Europe” campaign is launched in Romania

Telekom Romania launches a media campaign under the motto "We connect people in Europe!”. Thus, Romania joins other 11 countries in which Deutsche Telekom runs a Pan – European integrated campaign, aligned with the Group’s overall strategy for becoming the leading Telco in Europe

Nubia expands its line of different smartphone

Nubia manager said a few days ago that the company is preparing a new device in July. This information appears immediately after the release of Nubia Z9, which was a bit surprising.

Impressive samples with the camera Meizu MX5

Recently presented a device Meizu MX5 surprise us with impressive features including all-metal design, 5.5 - inch 1080p AMOLED display and MediaTek Helio X10. Besides these advantages, we focus on the camera, which is the high - end and the company has released several test shots to show the possibilities.