Out of the blue – Nintendo announces Nintendo 2DS


Nintendo announced its new portable console – Nintendo 2DS. By the name is not hard to guess that this is another version of the console 3DS, which has an original and “XL” versions.

Nintendo 2DS is not folding like these systems, and it has no 3D displays. The design is downright clumsy, but the price of $130 ($40 cheaper than the 3DS and $70 cheaper than the 3DS XL) is good provided that the 2DS is fully compatible with games for Nintendo 3DS and DS. It also has a pair of front cameras and includes a 4GB memory card. The 2DS will debut in North America on October 12. The console will be sold in Europe too.

The two displays of the console are as large as those of the 3DS. Curiously, it seems that the panel is actually one, and is divided in two by the plastic housing and Nintendo’s software. This means that the device will be a candidate for modifications, and if anyone ambitious enough tackles it, it could become an interesting alternative to the tablet.

Source: NeoGAF