ORII, the Bluetooth ring that transforms your finger in a phone

- Adrian Ungureanu

Yeah! You read that correctly! The talented guys at Origami Labs have launched on Kickstarter a new project, called ORII, and it’s about a smart AI enabled ring that can literally transform any of your fingers in a phone.

I would like to described it more for you but I thing the short video posted by the Origami Labs is much more convincing. As a very short description ORII used a bone conducting method to send the sound vibration through your finger bones and as you press the finger against your year the vibrations are sent to you ear and transformed into sounds.

It’s totally spy-proof, so nobody can hear no matter how laud the person calling is talking, its very good in noisy places and is compatible with Android an iOS. The project has already reached its founding goal but you can still contribute. It’s looks Sci-Fi, but it’s real and the first shipments will start in February 2018.