Oppo patents its own in-display fingerprint reader

- Adrian Ungureanu

The Chinese company is preparing become the first smartphone manufacturer to use it’s own in-display fingerprint reader.

Vivo was the first company to launch a fingerprint reader integrated into the display, the Vivo X20 Plus UD, and Huawei followed soon after by launching the uber expensive Mate RS Porsche Design.

It would not be a surprise from Oppo to launch a smartphone with such a sensor because it is part of the same group as Vivo, BBK Electronics. OnePlus also belongs to the same group and they do “borrow” ideas from each other.

But the difference between Vivo and Oppo is that Vivo used a sensor produced by Synaptics, while Oppo seems more ambitious and plans to come with its own technology, and to prove it they patented their own in-display fingerprint reader.

Taking into account that the patent was just filed, we cannot say that the first Oppo smartphone equipped with this type of sensor belonging to the company itself will be launched too soon, but it is a sign that Chinese manufacturers are becoming more and more willing to become relevant on the smartphone market.

For the time being, Vivo and Oppo, compared to OnePlus, focus more on Asian markets, China and India in particular, while OnePlus plays more as a global player.

In the meantime, Vivo and Oppo are trying to gain global awareness through their various partnerships in the sport world. Vivo is the official partner of the FIFA World Cup 2018, which will be held this summer in Russia, while Oppo is one of the official sponsors of the FC Barcelona football team. The Chinese company even launched last summer a special version of a one if its smartphones, the Oppo R11 FC Barcelona Edition.