Oppo Find 7 with 4000mAh battery in September


Chinese manufacturer Oppo went ahead and skipped the 6, leaping from the Oppo Find 5 all the way to the Oppo Find 7. It’s a mysterious decision for sure, but not one we’ll spend time pondering. The successor to the Find 5 will be out this autumn and the available information points to another very solid device.

The Find 7 will feature a Snapragon 800 CPU (Qualcomm’s silicon will be all the rage in autumn, it appears), 2GB RAM, 5-inch 1080p display and a pair of 13MP/8MP cameras. The battery will have a very impressive capacity of 4000mAh, meanwhile the phone’s body is only 9.9mm thick.

Let’s hope the Oppo Find 7 won’t take that long to reach the EU, as Oppo has now set up shop in the old continent. We expect an official unveiling of the smartphone anytime now.

Source: GSMArena