Only 2-3 million iPhone X to be available at launch date

- Adrian Ungureanu

iPhone X is expected to arrive in stores and at those who will pre-order it starting with November 3rd. For this date, the brokerage firm KGI Securities estimates that only 2-3 million units will be available.

It’s a minor volume in comparison with previous years. The slow production process will hurt Apple sales, making it unable to break any records, and not because iPhone X might not be in demand, but because Apple can’t delivered more. At least not until Q1 2018.

Now, KGI Securities says there are some problems at Murata, who provides the antennas for iPhone X. The Japanese company can’t meet with Apple’s requirements and a new supplier has been contracted.

There are also problems with the PCBs (Plastic Circuit Board) for the the sensors of the dual camera system. Both sensors sit on separate PCBs and they are hard to manufacture are well.

This is a set back for Apple. Eventually they might end up selling the iPhone X in big volumes, but it’ll be a long process, and it might not be as profitable.