OnePlus Two – “Flagship killer” ?


We all know for sure that OnePlus will present their new flagship, OnePlus 2 on July 27 (July 28 in China). While we are sufficiently informed, the device comes with a very good grade specifications, enough to compete with any offer in the market, the company announced that OnePlus 2 will be “Flagship killer.”


It seems the company is enthusiastic and serious enough to call his new proposal killer for 2016. Given what we know about OnePlus 2 specifications are not good enough to compete with flagship in 2016. Actually a few months Snapdragon 810 will be replaced (hopefully) many more – fast and efficient Snapdragon 820.


Why then OnePlus are so convinced of this statement? There are two options – either don’t know enough about the device, or is it to excite fans. Another interesting – OnePlus 2 will cost – less than $ 450, how can so serious features are included in this price?


The interesting thing here is the presentation of a whole bunch of partners – Texas Instruments, Samsung, Qualcomm, JDI, Toshiba, Mitsumi and much more.


We have to wait for more complete information and official details on the other line.