OnePlus 6 final design revealed in 360 video

- Adrian Ungureanu

OnLeaks has got his hands again on some official CAD and has created a new set of 3D renders for one of the most anticipated smartphones of the year. This time is the OnePlus 6.

The phone is due to be presented on May 16 in London, but now we have the opportunity to see it before the official unveiling. There is little reason not to think that this will be the final design. OnLeaks has offered accurate renders for most of the latest flagships. From iPhone X and Galaxy Note 8, to Huawei P20 Pro and Galaxy S9.

In addition, there are no big surprises over what has been rumored about OnePlus 6 so far. We can also see the iPhone X-style notch in the screen. It was speculated that OnePlus 6 will be a clone of OPPO R15, but it’s not quite like that. It has the notch like OPPO R15, which is inspired by the iPhone X.

But compared to Apple’s flagship and its cousin (OnePlus and Oppo are part of the BBK Electronics group), OnePlus 6 has a different rear panel design. The OPPO R15 and iPhone X have dual cameras placed on the side, at the top left corner. OnePlus 6 has the camera placed on the middle. The fingerprint sensor is placed under the camera, and has a slightly unusual shape, but interesting at the same time.

There are no other important aspects about the design we can point out. There is nothing revolutionary, and this concept has already been approached by other smartphone manufacturers this year.

I leave you with the video below. It’s not spectacular, but we know it’s showing us the final design of OnePlus 6.