On its 5th anniversary, www.ClickShop.ro rewards every customer


ClickShop.ro, the online store recommended by Telekom Romania, announces the launch of its first loyalty program, named Franc, which rewards the customers on every order they place on the website, offering them money they will be able to use for future orders on www.ClickShop.ro.


The loyalty program, which is launched on the occasion of www.ClickShop.ro’s 5th year anniversary, is based on money rewards, which become available on the future acquisition on the online shop. The detailed steps of the process are natural and are described on the loyalty program’s online platform franc.clickshop.ro – where customers must login with the same email address they used when placing orders, and then, for each order, they automatically receive vouchers for the future acquisitions.


“During the 5 years since the official launch, www.ClickShop.ro has permanently developed by adding new products, categories and features. If 5 years ago all the products came from Germany, over the past years we have targeted local producers as well, while we developed the expertise and the logistic processes 100% in house. Regarding our portfolio, if in the beginning the shop would only provide IT&C, electronic and home appliance products to the customers, during the last years www.ClickShop.ro extended its ranges and added new categories: perfumes, cosmetics, purses, special products for children and babies. The loyalty program came, therefore, as a natural step at an anniversary moment”, says Alina Cazacu, Senior Manager Non-Core E-activities Telekom Romania.


On the profile page they create on franc.clickshop.ro, customers may view the amount they cumulated for each transaction. Once the user registered an order on www.ClickShop.ro, the amount he receives back, based on that specific order, is published in his account. The customers who have already ordered on www.ClickShop.ro may retroactively benefit from the Franc program facilities by using the same email address used when they placed their orders. Moreover, the customers will receive gifts and special bonuses on their birthdays or within the special campaigns to be launched by www.ClickShop.ro.


ClickShop.ro is an online mall from where customers may buy a wide range of products, starting from electronic, home appliance and IT&C products, up to home use products, perfumes, cosmetics, purses or products for children.