NVIDIA introduces new GeForce 700M series laptop GPU’s


NVIDIA showcased its latest laptop GPU’s. The new GeForce 700M series is based on Kepler tech and features the general models 720M and 735M, and the gaming-oriented 740M, 745M and 750M. All of them support a suite of software technologies to optimise their performance to battery life ratio and the gaming experience. According to AnandTech, GPU Boost 2.0 will increase performance in laptop by 10 to 15% in comparison with its previous release. NVIDIA Optimus supports dynamic activation and deactivation of the discrete GPU for optimal energy saving. Finally, GeForce Experience will automatically update drivers and configure games for best visuals and performance according to your PC specs.

NVIDIA are saying that the cheapst 720M is 2.5 times faster than the integrated Intel HD 4000 in Ivy Bridge motherboards, without additional energy usage. The 700M series is available for manufacture from NVIDIA’s technological partners.

Source: Electronista