Now you can call an emergency number directly from this analog wrist watch [video]


We already know about smartwatches being able to make a phone call without actually using a phone, but how about a clasic analog watch that can make emergency calls independently from your phone?


It is called Limmex Emergency Watch, an analog Swiss with classic, old-school design watch, with an emergency button and built-in mic and loudspeaker, that allows you to call a preprogrammed contact and to talk directly with your contact person from your wrist.




You can save more that one number to call, because Limmex will call all of them in sequence until someone picks up. Once someone does pick up, the device automatically sends a text message with a link to a map from where you are.


Unfortunately, this Swiss watch already available in Europe, it might make you think about buying a smartwatch because it is pretty expensive, with prices ranging from 449 to 749 euro.


Source: engadget