Not a pilot? No problem


Cirrus Aircraft, a recognized leader in general aviation, remove barriers by presenting a special program that provides experienced and certified drivers to train new owners Cirrius airplanes that do not have experience.


  “Our new Generation aircraft 5is  withthe specially developed innovative program for pilots to easily solve problems and comply with any travel needs and facilitate the training of any novice pilot,” it said Todd Simmons, who is the CEO of Cirrus.


Cirrus pilots are standardized, professionally trained and evaluated by specialists. Other information about them is that they have a Commercial Pilot Certificate.


After completion of this program, each new driver is fully certified to fly at any time. Will have skills in all aspects of flight operations – from planning flights to preflight for the safety of loading and unloading of luggage, fuel, travel planning, including hotel reservations, car rental and many more.


If new drivers are willing to develop and work on personal pilot project, the program offers full information, training and educational materials necessary for certification.

Source: 2LUXURY2