Norton Antivirus at a special price for Romtelecom’s Internet customers


Starting March 31st, new Romtelecom customers who decide to purchase a bundle that includes Internet can choose to benefit of free of charge Norton Antivirus in the first 2 months, further charged with 0.62 Euro/month, VAT included. The offer is available also for existing customers, according to some terms and conditions.


“This offer aims to generate awareness of the need to use a security product, as well as to increase the number of users who are protected against the danger of IT attacks. Also, it comes in the context of the exponential increase of cyber attacks in the online area. Thus, Romtelecom comes with the most advantageous price for the antivirus software purchase, but also with a trustful brand, Norton Antivirus – the best known Antivirus at European level”, stated Roxana Baiaș, Director Segment & Proposition Management Romtelecom and COSMOTE Romania.


Within this promotional offer, in the first 2 months of contract, Norton Antivirus is available free of charge for new customers that choose for a bundle which includes Internet services. The offer is accessible also for existing Internet customers, who modify the services bundle from Romtelecom. Customers can opt out from this benefit anytime, by calling TELVERDE 0800 800 445, 1930 number (Customer Assistance) for free from Romtelecom network or by personally requesting the deactivation in any Romtelecom store. After the first 2 months of the promotional offer, the Antivirus tariffs is 0.62 Euro/month, VAT included. Both Internet bundles, as well as Norton Antivirus are available separately for purchase.


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