Nokia woo Instagram to cruise on Windows Phone with #2instaWithLove


Windows Phone has a major disadvantage in its functionality – it doesn’t run Instagram. Can you imagine how dissappointed a daily insta-user will feel when he learns that the awesome-looking HTC 8X or Lumia 920 he just saw on the shelf don’t support the app? Nokia is very sensitive to any possibilities of marketing disadvantages as it struggles to maintain its stability, which is why they are aware of the Instagram-question. Thus, the finns introduced a hearty #2InstaWithLove app which puts the Instagram filter on your photos and shares them in social networks with the said hashtag in an effort to make Systrom and his codemonkeys take notice. Hey, doesn’t that actually double as Instagram functionality? Well, not exactly – you don’t get to use the service’s website.

With Instagram’s icon present on a Lumia 620 ad in Portugal making the possibility of a WP-version in development quite real, this gentle move by Nokia hardly seems like a blind shot.