Nokia to introduce “computational photography” to smartphones?


What is the next big thing in smartphone photography? This question, posed by indian media DNA, gets answered by Nokia vicepresident Jo Harlow in an interview. Apparently the finns are researching “computational photography” for the upcoming Lumia smartphones. This kind of math-meets-art approach allows for manipulation of unseeable data found in digital images for neat tricks such as changing the focus of an image after it has been shot.

Nokia has invested in Pelican Imaging – a company which has already outfitted a smartphone camera with the necesarry tech to provide such functionality. Excited? We sure are. According to Jo, advances in mobile CPU speed have finally made the technology possible. Unfortunately, mrs. Harlow doesn’t give any timeframe for its appearance, so picking up that Comp. photography MOOC you’ve been eyeing lately is still a practical idea.

Source: DNA