Nokia sell and lease Espoo headquarters


As another effort to spare some company-saving cash and get rid of unnecesarry business assets, Nokia offered their HQ in Espoo, Finland for sale in October. Apparently, the building is now a property of Exillion, who nabbed it for a 170 million euro and officially became Nokia’s landlord. Nokia CFO Timo Ihamuotila remains calm, regards this decision as a practical, expense-cutting effort and assures everyone that Nokia will continue operation in Finland.

Nokia has seen some bad times this year and its saving grace might turn out to be the marvelous new Lumia 920 which is becoming very sucessful for a WP8 handset. 920 is the third best-selling smartphone in the US and is doing well on the European market. Analysts predict five million units sold until the end of December (or the end of the world, whatever comes first). Such a prediction surpasses Nokia’s expectations by a whopping 2.9 million units. So wish Nokia luck, because they don’t deserve to sink!