Nokia 9 makes its first appearance in an incredible set of leaked images

- Adrian Ungureanu

Nokia fans who have been all eyes and ears since the Finnish brand made its comeback on the smartphone market still wait for a true flagship that will compete with the flagships from Samsung, Apple, HTC, LG or Huawei.

Nokia 9 is the flagship every Nokia fans are betting their money on. An incredible set of images has surfaced on the web and while we can’t see the phone’s design as it is trapped inside a special casing, we can get a good look at its specs and some of the external features as well.

As you can see in the photo gallery, this alleged Nokia 9 feature a dual camera at the back, a fingerprint scanner at the bottom on the frontal side of the phone, a audio jack connector and an USB Type-C port.

We can take a look at the phone’s specs as well. The phone features a 5.27-inch QuadHD display, a Qualcomm chipset, most probably the Snapdragon 835, 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB internal storage. Yes, the numbers look different, but you have to keep in mind that some resources are reserved be the operating system.

The authors of these pictures, who doesn’t seem to find its identity, had also made some pictures with this alleged Nokia 9 and we can see that the camera compartment is pretty good.

Now, maybe will get some pics of the phone without that special casing, that hides the smartphone’s design.