Nokia 3310 reloaded – a phone caught between two different eras

- Adrian Ungureanu

Alongside the new Nokia 3, 5 and 6 smartphones, the two Finnish companies unveiled the revamped version of the legendary Nokia 3310 feature phone. It’s built around the old platform, but it’s clear that HMD and Nokia tried to give it a more modern look. The result is a phone caught between two different eras.

I don’t know how much it’ll get to be a hit among the fans of the old model and if it’ll get to many fans among the younger generation which is more into smartphones. But the release of the new Nokia 3310 looks more like a PR stunt than the release of a product to bring big cash to anyone.

The new phone, unlike his ancestor, has a 2 MP camera and a slot for a microSD, up to 32 GB, in case that the 16 MB (MegaBytes) aren’t enough.

The makers promote the feature phone for its outstanding battery performance. Nokia 3310 can provide 22 hours of voice calls and can stay in standby mode for more than a month. The phone will be available in Warm Red, Yellow, Dark Blue, Grey at a price of 49 euros.