No spoilers, just info on ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ sales record


Regardless of you seeing Star Wars or not, probably you expected that all the images and posts shared by your friends that went to the cinema to see the movie, are a sign that the sales records will be at least hit by Disney.


And so it was. The movie’s debut record made $238 million, and five days after the screening, The Force made approximately $517 million. As a comparison on terms of 2015 cinema box office, Jurassic World came second, with $208 million.


It’s not hard to imagine why these movies are so successful. Firstly, the dinosaurs from Jurassic and the SF story from Star Wars, are part of our childhood memories, so any hint to that period makes us spending money, good money. After that, it comes the desire to live in fantastic, SF, different worlds from what we know and experience now. Who knows, maybe soon we will see some dinosaurs fighting with laser swords.

Source: engadget