No curved display on iPhone 8?

- Adrian Ungureanu

Some iPhone fans might be disappointed after reading this, as the latest rumors say the anniversary iPhone might not feature curved OLED displays. They will be OLED display, but not with curvy edges as on the stunning Galaxy S8 models, that even iPhone fans like them for their design.

Citing sources familiar with the matter, Japanese blog Mac Otakara reports Apple is in the process of finalizing design specifications for the so-called “iPhone Edition” expected to debut alongside updated “iPhone 7s” and iPhone 7s Plus” models later this year.

Alongside this rumors we find that the 10th anniversary model will sport a thin stainless steel chassis flanked by two slabs of glass. But the sources also claims that While the glass itself is said to feature a slightly curved “2.5D” profile like current iPhone 7 models, the OLED display it covers is to be completely flat.

This particular tidbit contradicts a string of rumors suggesting Apple plans to integrate iPhone’s first curved OLED screen later this year.

Most recently, a report citing supply chain insiders said “iPhone 8” would source a mildly curved OLED display from Samsung in order to cut down on engineering challenges. Dramatically curved screens like those found in Samsung’s Galaxy product line require identically curved glass cover units to accommodate the completed laminated display, a complex task that necessitates extra design and manufacturing steps.

Usually, Mac Otakara delivers good informations about Apple’s products, but we hope that this time they are wrong, as the renders it posted aren’t the best we’ve seen so far.